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Through its strategic partnerships in Jamaica and in the USA, Jamaica Online offers dial-up access to the Internet in Jamaica at a rate roughly equal to what one would pay for such access in the US. The company has resisted the local trend to charge an hourly rate for Internet usage and has thus forced the competition to lower their prices or move towards flat rate Internet access. 56kbps dial-up access is available through JOL for about 20.00 per month for unlimited access including not only a PPP connection and POP Email services, but also ftp accounts as well as a personal WWW page.

Jamaica Online in partnership with its US partner Qualitech Computer Services, became the first Caribbean ISP to offer dial-up access to the Internet in the US and Canada. Thus JOL was able to reach out to Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica beyo nd the shores of Jamaica. In addition JOL offers dual US/Jamaica Internet accounts (2 separate accounts for 35.00 per month) as well as free incidental roaming for visitors who travel to or from the US. I n this way a Jamaica who visits Miami or New Yor k or any other major US city for a business trip or a short vacation can connect to JOL just as they would in Kingston – for no additional cost beyond their month fee for Internet access in Jamaica.

Our registered offices are at Sute 4 22 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5 Jamaica West Indies. JOL is also represented in US by our affiliate Qualitech Computer Services at 1803 SW 86th Terrace Gainesville FL 32607. 

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