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JOL is a provider of dedicated domain names as well as provider in webpage maintenance and rehabilitation..

IP Telecommunications

JOL can provide you with services to ease your communication needs; implementing VoIP to allow you to communicate with friends, family, work colleagues or even classmates. Lets get you started.

Computer Networking

Residential or commercial, all your networking needs provided..


JOL has the knowledge base to evaluate, make more efficient or solve any of your hosting or networking needs..

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With Custom built web pages and premium hosting.

Some Facts About Us!!!


JAMAICA ONLINE  launched in 1994 as one of the first Internet Service Providers in Jamaica, continues to be a leader in the deployment of innovative and cost effective computer and communications technologies. 

JOL is represented in the USA by Qualitech Computer Services.(www.qcslink.com)


Experts ready to assist you with all your communication and network needs. Whether it be creating an unique website to catch the eye of prospective clients or customers; or whether it be creating an internal network to better monitor and better efficiency of the work flow. We are ready and have all the tools and skills necessary to make this happen for you.




Years of Experience
Custom Products
Motivated Team
System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

Who We Are


 We Are Your Communication Network Consultants

  • Consultants to assist in all your communication and networking needs
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Communication Consultants
  • Computer Engineers

Our Mission

Website Hosting

Efficient web page hosting along with custom built web-pages. a


Professional team focused on improving and creating efficient communication networks.

IP Communication

Safe and economical way to keep in contact with everyone in your life.


Let us help maske your network better.